Class 4 – Gentle class wind down, calming breath and relaxation

Beginner’s level

This class is in three parts, you can do all three or choose which ones, as appropriate. The first 7 minutes covers gentle counter poses, including knee drops, dynamic bridge, and one legged apanasana, which you could do, say, after class 2. The middle section, approx. 10 minutes, takes you through a calming breathing practice where the exhale is longer than the inhale. The video ends with a guided relaxation. You could do parts 2 and 3 in bed. Have a cushion, and blanket available, including the latter to place over you to keep warm, if you’re not in bed!

Reminder: please read the blog entitled ‘Small Print’

Published by Sandra Corlett

I am a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in the North East of England. I set up this site for students who normally attend my yoga classes as an alternative way of practising during the pandemic. I have maintained an online class (on Mondays 17.45-19.15) and have resumed face-to-face teaching at Blue Flames Benton on Thursdays 17.45-19.15.

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