Class 6 – Spring Equinox, Part A

Beginner’s level.

For this practice, please have the follower props: a (yoga) belt/tie; two yoga blocks or two large books (I used dictionaries); a chair; and, if you have space, practice near a clear wall

This practice celebrates the Spring Equinox which was on 20 March 2020 (although I was a day late in thinking it was today!). The class includes a hamstring stretch (supta padangusthasana, cat/cow, tiger, downward dog (and dirty dog!), tree, and Warrior I

I had a slight technical problem – in running out of storage – and haven’t yet developed skills of cutting two videos together. Therefore this practice continues in Class 6

Reminder: please read the ‘Small Print’ blog

Published by Sandra Corlett

I am a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in the North East of England. I set up this site for students who normally attend my yoga classes as an alternative way of practising during the pandemic. I have maintained an online class (on Mondays 17.45-19.15) and have resumed face-to-face teaching at Blue Flames Benton on Thursdays 17.45-19.15.

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