Class 9 – Relaxation: Kaya Kriya

Beginner’s level

Kaya is the Sanskrit terms for body and Kaya Kriya is a whole body cleanse practice, combining breathing and movement of legs, arms and head. The practice may provide relief from body pain and release from physical and mental tension.

You might combine this class with Class 8 – Breathing: Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing, visualisation)

You may like to practice this in the evening/just before bed and, indeed, in bed

Reminder: please read the ‘Small Print’ blog

Published by Sandra Corlett

I am a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in the North East of England. I set up this site for students who normally attend my yoga classes as an alternative way of practising during the pandemic. I have maintained an online class (on Mondays 17.45-19.15) and have resumed face-to-face teaching at Blue Flames Benton on Thursdays 17.45-19.15.

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