Class 14 – Shoulders and Neck

Hi Everyone

It’s been a while since I posted a video and I hope you have been keeping safe and well in the meantime. My online yoga classes are going well and not only have they been keeping me sane but, according to those who attend, have been helping give some structure during the pandemic and particularly now that we have returned to a national lockdown.

I have today recorded a video on for Shoulders and Neck. You may have seen that I posted one for the neck and shoulders in March (see Class 3 – Relieving Tension). Today’s class is even gentler than that one and draws inspiration from Martha Peterson’s (2011) somatic practices (from her Move without Pain book published by Sterling). I am thinking of adding to this series, with some lying postures so watch this space.

This time the recording has been done using Zoom. I am hoping access to the recording works (and stays) but please email me (at if you have any problems

Shoulders and Neck

Before accessing and participating in the video recording, see the ‘Small Print’ below

Published by Sandra Corlett

I am a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in the North East of England. I set up this site for students who normally attend my yoga classes as an alternative way of practising during the pandemic. I have maintained an online class (on Mondays 17.45-19.15) and have resumed face-to-face teaching at Blue Flames Benton on Thursdays 17.45-19.15.

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