Class 4 – Gentle class wind down, calming breath and relaxation

Beginner’s level This class is in three parts, you can do all three or choose which ones, as appropriate. The first 7 minutes covers gentle counter poses, including knee drops, dynamic bridge, and one legged apanasana, which you could do, say, after class 2. The middle section, approx. 10 minutes, takes you through a calmingContinue reading “Class 4 – Gentle class wind down, calming breath and relaxation”

Free Yoga Resources

I will update this blog with online resources by other yoga/meditation providers that I am familiar with/use, which are being provided free as part of their response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Headspace (which I use in my daily practice) has a free section in the app called Weathering the Storm. See Yoga Journal isContinue reading “Free Yoga Resources”

Class 1 – Breathing fundamentals

Beginner’s level Here is your first class and my first ever video. I did it in one take, after watching two videos on how to make a yoga video! So don’t expect high quality production. This class covers: crocodile pose, and the three part yoga breath. It would be a good way of grounding yourselfContinue reading “Class 1 – Breathing fundamentals”